Burning a ValueDisc 25GB Blu-Ray Disc in the Pioneer BDR-2212 drive – Part 3

Burning a ValueDisc 25GB Blu-Ray Disc in the Pioneer BDR-2212 drive – Part 3

Hi everyone,

In this post, we will see how well the Pioneer BDR-2212 drive can burn a ValueDisc 25GB BD-R disc at a speed of 4x.

I used ImgBurn again to do the burn process:

The disc was burned and verified successfully:

Here is how the surface looks when burned at 4x in this drive:

ValueDisc 25GB BD-R Burned Surface on Pioneer BDR-2212 at 4x

The surface, once again, looks very smooth. No rings are present in the disc, similar to the 6x and 12x burns.

Quality Scan

The disc scanned better in the LiteOn drive than the 6x burn and definitely way better than the 12x burn. On the LG drive, the results are mostly similar to the 6x burn, and similarly to the latter, it is an improvement over the 12x burn.


At 4x, we get a burn that is similar to the 6x results. The LiteOn drive tolerates it better now, while the LG drive seem to consider it similar to the 6x burn. Both scans are better result than when the disc is burned at 12x. The time it takes to burn the disc at this speed is 24 minutes or less. Given that the LG drive didn’t show an improvement, we can be safe to use the 6x speed on these discs without a quality penalty, but the LiteOn drive still agrees this is a better burn.

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