Burning the PlexDisc DVD+R Disc on the HP version of the LG GT80N

Burning the PlexDisc DVD+R Disc on the HP version of the LG GT80N

Hi everyone,

Today, we’ll see how well the PlexDisc DVD+R discs burns in the HP version of the LG GT80N optical drive:

We will be using ImgBurn to perform the writing and verification. It reports the media code to be OPTODISC-R16-00 and supports writing at 4x and 8x. We will be burning it at 8x:

PlexDisc DVD+R LG GT80N (HP Version) 1

The drive burned the disc using a CAV (Constant Angular Velocity) strategy, starting at about 3.3x and gradually going up until reaching 8x:

The disc was burned and verified successfully:

The disc surface looks very smooth, with no “donut rings”:

PlexDisc DVD+R burned in HP LG GT80N

This drive sets the DVD+R Book Type to DVD-ROM in the burning process, which may increase compatibility with older devices:

PlexDisc DVD+R LG GT80N (HP Version) 13

Quality Scans

We’ll now see how well the disc burned in this drive by doing a surface quality scan on the following drives:

  • LiteOn DS-8A5S
  • LiteOn DU-8A5LH
  • LG GP96YB70
  • Pioneer DVR-XD09
  • Samsung SE-506AB
  • Samsung SN-208AB

All scans were done with a reading speed of 4x except on the Pioneer DVR-XD09:

From all of the tests above, the only drive that reported higher numbers was the LiteOn DS-8A5S. The rest of them shows good scans.


The HP version of the LG GT80N seem to be able to burn these discs with good quality. It burned and verified at 8x without any issues. The scans shows good results, except at between the 3.0GB and 3.5GB sections, where these discs see to report numbers higher than the rest of the disc. Other than this, the discs are fully readable.

You can purchase these discs on Amazon at the following link:

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