Burning the PlexDisc DVD+R Disc on the LG BP60NB10 optical drive

Burning the PlexDisc DVD+R Disc on the LG BP60NB10 optical drive

Hi everyone,

Today, we will be burning a PlexDisc DVD+R disc in the LG BP50NB40 crossflashed to the BP60NB10 firmware v1.00:

We will be using ImgBurn to perform the burning and verification process. This drive seems to be able to burn these discs at 2.4x and 8x. We will be burning them at 8x:

PlexDisc DVD+R LG BP60NB10 1

The burning process was successful, and it burnt in CAV (Constant Angular Velocity) mode starting at 3.3x and going all the way up to 8x:

Unfortunately, the drive could not read the disk back and got stuck attempting to read it:

PlexDisc DVD+R LG BP60NB10 7

I switched temporarily to the LG GP96YB70 drive and it was able to successfully verify it:

This brings the question: Why did the LG BP60NB10 failed to read the disc? Here’s why:

I scanned the disc in the LG GP96YB70 and on the LiteOn DS-8A5S and both reported awful results. In particular, it seems it fails to read mostly because of the bad start at the disc. The LiteOn DS-8A5S failed to verify it with read errors:

PlexDisc DVD+R LG BP60NB10 15

I burned the disc again in the LG drive, but it still failed to read. This time, however, the LiteOn DS-8A5S was able to read it fine:

PlexDisc DVD+R LG BP60NB10 16

The LiteOn DU-8A5LH and the LG GP96YB70 were also able to read it back:

The Panasonic UJ-260 also struggled to even identify the disc and the Samsung SN-208AB failed with read errors too.

PlexDisc DVD+R LG BP60NB10 20

It’s clear that the LG BP60NB10 cannot burn these discs reliably, as shown in these scans:

Here is the disc burned surface:

PlexDisc DVD+R Burned in LG BP60NB10

We can see there seem to be an issue at the beginning of the disc, which coincides with the quality scans.

I will try to upgrade the LG BP60NB10 firmware to the v1.02 version and see if it fixes the issue. In the meantime, don’t try to burn these PlexDisc discs in this drive.

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