Burning a SpeedX BD-R DL 50GB Disc in the Panasonic UJ-260 drive

Burning a SpeedX BD-R DL 50GB Disc in the Panasonic UJ-260 drive

Hi everyone,

Today, we will see how well the Panasonic UJ-260 can burn the SpeedX BD-R DL 50GB Discs:

This drive can burn these discs at up to 4x:

SpeedX BD-R DL Panasonic UJ-260 1

The burning process was successful and reached the 4x speed:

Data verification was also successful:

Here’s how the disc surface look after burning it:

SpeedX BD-R DL 5

We can see the 2 regions: 2x and 4x, as this drive burns these using a Z-CLV method.

Quality Scans

We’ll see how well this disc burned in this drive:

From the above scans, we can see that both drives reported similar numbers. Overall, a great burn.

When the drive fails burning

It seems the Panasonic drive has some issues with this media code. Similar to the Philips BD-R DL 50GB discs, these may also fail sometimes. My experience was positive for the most part, but it may still do a bad burn.

SpeedX Failed Disc Panasonic UJ-260


While this drive is able to burn these discs, you may get a bad burn every now and then. It seems the drive doesn’t like these discs sometimes, but when it does, it produces a good burn. I’m not sure what may trigger the bad burns, but I guess it may be quality issues and the drive not able to do a proper power calibration. It may also be due to some dark spots in the discs, similar to the spots in the Philips discs. If you’re going to use this drive, keep this in mind.