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The Genki Bluetooth Adapter for Nintendo Switch

The Genki Bluetooth Adapter for Nintendo Switch

Today, I’d like to show you the Genki Bluetooth Adapter specifically made for the Nintendo Switch. This was a Kickstarter Project that ran successfully. The Genki Bluetooth adapter is basically a USB-C Audio Device that converts the audio signal into Bluetooth and transmits it to your favorite headphones or Bluetooth receivers. Given that this is basically a USB-C adapter, this means that it is also compatible with PC’s and certain Android devices supporting USB-C audio devices.

Since the Nintendo Switch doesn’t currently allow the connection of Bluetooth audio devices, this comes very handy, as the latest Switch firmware adds support for USB Audio Devices. This adapter does its magic because it has a chip that converts the audio that the Switch transmits to this device into Bluetooth and therefore enables you to use your Bluetooth devices with your switch. It also has the benefit of using Qualcomm’s aptX and aptX Low Latency codecs, the latter which is a most to play without any noticeable audio lag. It also supports the AAC codec and of course, the standard SBC codec.

As to why you’d like to use this device on your Android phone or PC, there are several reasons. The first is that all of the pairings is done on the device, which means you don’t have to play with your phone or PC bluetooth settings, and the second reason is the inclusion of the aptX Low Latency codec, which, if you have an aptX Low Latency receiving device, you’ll be able to game or watch a video without any lip-sync or gaming audio issues.

I, as a backer of interesting products, backed this device and I’ll be showing this to you. Let’s start!

The first thing you’ll notice is how it comes packaged. It looks like if it’s a Nintendo Switch game:

Genki 1

You can see more details of the Genki on the back of the case:

Genki 2

Opening it has a familiar look to a real game case, but of course, the right side is adapted to hold the adapter along with the accessories:

Genki 3

On the left, you see the instructions of how to use this little device:

Genki 4

On the right, it’s the adapter and the accessories, similar to how you’ll find a Nintendo Switch game cart on this side:

Genki 5

The Genki adapter is very small, as you can see here:

Genki 6

It also comes with this Microphone to use it on compatible games:

Genki 7

And of course, you’re most interested in seeing this connected to the Nintendo Switch, so here it is!

Genki 8

And if you want to use the adapter in a PC, you’ll need a USB-A to USB-C adapter, and it would look like this:

Genki 9

Finally, Windows will recognize this as an Audio device, as you can see:

Genki 10

Now you can enjoy wireless audio with your USB-C devices, especially on your Switch!

Hope you enjoyed the photos!

Crash Bandicoot – N. Sane Trilogy for Nintendo Switch

Crash Bandicoot – N. Sane Trilogy for Nintendo Switch

Hi everyone,

Today, I’m showing one of the games I own. It’s Crash Bandicoot – N. Sane Trilogy for the Nintendo Switch. Interestingly, Amazon for some reason sent me the European version as you can see the PEGI logo. More interesting is that the game was sold from a U.S. warehouse by Amazon itself. I have no idea why this happened but hey, the Nintendo Switch is region free! Meaning I can play the game in my system.

So here’s the case of the game:

Crash 1

And the back:

Crash 2

When we open the case, it doesn’t have any background and we can see the game cart:

Crash 3

A closer look to the game cart:

Crash 4

I also got the game guide. I like to read these and it can be of great help sometimes, especially when it comes to unlocking stuff in the game:

Crash 5
Unboxing Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu! with Pokeball Plus

Unboxing Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu! with Pokeball Plus

Hi everyone,

In this post, I’ll be showing you the content of the Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu! Nintendo Switch game with the Pokeball Plus adapter. Let’s Start!

Here’s the game in the box I received from Amazon:

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu 1

And here’s the game box outside of the Amazon box:

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu 2

Let’s take a look at the sides:

And the back:

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu 5

Here’s the contents once we open the box:

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu 6

Let’s start showing you the game. Here’s the actual game box:

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu 7

And the back:

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu 8

Once we open it, we can see the Kanto map. It simply looks beautiful and amazing! We can also see the game cart.

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu 9

A closer look at the game cart:

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu 10

Now, let’s take a look at the Pokeball Plus accessory. It’s the only thing left in the

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu 11

The front of the box:

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu 12


The back:

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu 15

The top:

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu 16

And bottom:

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu 17

When we open the box, we will first see a USB-A to USB-C cable to charge our Pokeball

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu 18

Followed by the user manual:

Next we have the Pokeball adapter in a nice bubble wrap:

After taking the bubble wrap off, we can see the Pokeball. It looks and I suppose, feels like a real Pokeball. After all, The Pokémon Company knows how a real Pokeball feels:

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu 23

We see the analog stick which is also a button (A) when it’s pressed. The Button B is at the top:

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu 24

We have a solid white color at the bottom:

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu 25

At the back, we have a cover which covers the USB-C port that allows us to charge it:

Here, I have unwrapped the USB-C cable:

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu 28

And now, some catching fun! The Pokémon catching mechanism actually works really nice. You select the “Get ready” option and then you throw the Pokeball gently. This is what makes the Pokeball so special. It adds a lot of value to the gameplay. Catching Pokémon with it, feeling the rumbles and hearing the Pokémon cries makes this a great catching experience.

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu 29

Here, I’ve thrown the Pokeball to catch a wild Pokémon:

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu 30

It has a nice LED that glows different colors. When we are catching a Pokémon, it glows yellow while the Pokéball rumbles:

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu 31

When we catch the Pokémon, it glows green, followed by the Pokémon cry:

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu 32

If we fail to catch a Pokémon, it will turn red. However, in this case I caught it so it turned green.

The game is really nice in my opinion. I like the graphics and the orchestrated music. Also, as I mentioned, the Pokéball Plus controller adds a sense of realism to the game. I’m still playing it and I’ll share with you my gameplay videos which I’m streaming on YouTube soon.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Need a cheap, simple, plug-and-play Network Switch? This Netis Switch is what you need!

Need a cheap, simple, plug-and-play Network Switch? This Netis Switch is what you need!

Hi everyone,

A few month ago I bought a Netis Switch I found in Amazon for less than $10 dollars. Yes! Less than $10 dollars!!!

The switch is very easy to use. In fact, it is just plug-and-play, meaning that you just connect the power adapter, connect the LAN cables and you’re ready to go! The switch features 8 100mbit Ethernet Ports, which is great for those with Raspberry Pi Clusters or similar board clusters, like those Intel Atom Single Board Computers that have been released in these months, Android set-top boxes and more!

Here is my unboxing video of this little amazing network switch (yes, the box is very small XD):

You can get this little network switch on Amazon for $10 or less, as they do offers from time to time:

Wanna see my Raspberry Pi Cluster? Take a look!

Raspberry Pi Cluster with Netis Switch
Raspberry Pi Cluster with Netis Switch